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Kamicryl PR Series

Kamicryl PR Series


Type Anionic acrylic copolymer emulsion
Color Milky whitish yellowish
State Liquid
Usage Interior Use, Exterior use
Application Method Brush
Packaging Type Bucket
Glass Transition Temperature 35°C
Viscosity 100 to 650 cps

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Advatages of Kamicryl Pr Series :

  • Excellent stain resistance to Blue Food Dye, coffee, wine, tea, Windex, mustard etc.
  • Outstanding adhesion to Various Metal ( for Metal Roofs & as Primers)
  • Kamicryl PR Series delivers significant improvements in titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment utilization by improving opacity & tint strength by 5 % to10% thus impacting positively on the cost & performance, due to lower utilization of titanium dioxide. Kamicryl PR series tends to be reactive with TIO2 thus improving the overall coating properties.
  • Due to the reactive nature of the Kamicryl PR Series emulsions, they are very suitable for high PVC paints due to very good binding capacity properties with improved scrubs.
  • Due to excellent binding capacity properties with improved scrubs Kamicryl PR Series are very suitable for even very high PVC Paints as high as 70% PVC which has very good we scrubs Properties ( 150 wet scrubs tested). Thus the Kamicryl PR Series Pure Acrylic multipurpose emulsion are suited for various applications for Interior & exterior coatings. Some examples as below for applications
    • PVC 22% - Exterior Gloss, also Roof coating
    • PVC 30% -  Satin - Interior & Exterior, also roof Coating
    • PVC 40% - Low sheen - Interior & Exterior (> 1000 scrubs tested)
    • PVC 55% - Matt; Interior (600 wet scrubs tested)
    • PVC 70% - Celling paints & filled systems ( 150 wet scrubs tested)
  • Kamicryl PR Series has good overall solvent resistance.
  • Kamicryl PR Series has seems to have good Efflorescence resistance; The best method is a White Pigmented coated paint over a Paver and dry to cure at room temperature for 7 days & then DUNK in a Lime Bath solution of water ( like Calcium Hydroxide Solution 5-10% approximately) and leave it there for days, One with PR & other any Standard paint . The PR based paint has excellent resistance. Pigmented fillers are the ones to fail in this test as the efflorescence passes through.
  • Kamicryl PR Series especially the low Tg like the Kamicryl PR C18 for timber has good tannin blocking properties, best way is to test a white gloss pigmented paint over cedar wood. Make paint & Coat: 1 coat + 2 + 3 coats side by side to test what each coat does or where the tannin is locked best. Coat & then let it dry for 24 hours & then put water drop for tannin to come through. Usually one coat is not enough to block tannin completely, the tannin is usually locked in by first coat and totally blocked by 2nd coat so it is not seen through.
  • Good mild acid resistance.
  • Non-ionic surfactants good for stability due to extremely low levels of surfactants in emulsions.
  • High Solids 52% emulsions , APEO & NPE Free

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